The true Meaning of Independence

Hello everyone.  First of all,Happy Independence day to all of you. Today, we are celebrating the 70th Independence day .We all are celebrating it with lots of joy. But the question arises here is that are we really independent????  Do the meaning of independence is only to get freedom from Britishers in the year 1947???… Read More »

An open letter to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

This is an open letter written to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. So, you have increased the fair up to 60%. I think you might have taken this decision because of the following reasons. 1. People are not boarding the metro which results in lack of revenues. 2. The metro trains are always empty on… Read More »

Can love happen for the second time – a love story

Can love happen for the second time – a love story Hey all. How are you all? Today I am going to write a love story. Hope you all like it. Hope the story will depict the true meaning of love and give a good message. Let’s start . There lived a boy from middle… Read More »

10 things you never knew about Earth

10 amazing things you didn’t know about the Earth 10. Secret ocean Scientists have discovered a very vast reservoir of water located 660 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface.The underground ocean is hidden inside a blue rock known as ringwoodite, that acts like a sponge, trapping hydrogen and water.There is enough water beneath the Earth’s surface to… Read More »

A Biography of a film star worth inspiring

A Biography of a film star worth inspiring A superstar, who started as a coolie earned his living as a bus conductor.Rose to stardom, and then…rose to super stardom. A legend. Shivajirao Gaikwad or Superstar Rajikant. Mind it. Born on 12th December, 1950 in Bengaluru. Mother Jijabai and father Ramojirao Gaikwad who was a police constable.His parents named him Shivajirao… Read More »

How correct is it to offer milk to Snakes??

How correct is it to offer milk to Snakes?? We Indians believe Snakes to be a sacred reptile. They are worshiped in our country. On Nag Panchami , we offer them with milk and banana to eat and pray to them for our well being and it is assumed to be a great work. But… Read More »

10 lies you were told in school that you believe are true

10 lies you were told in school Today , I have come up with some of the facts that were taught to us in school which are not valid. Following is the list of those facts and the truth behind them. 10. Pythagorean’s Theorem Oh no, a math fact!  We won’t be talking about how the… Read More »

The Story Of Our Earth

The Story Of Our Earth As far as we know, around 4,500 million years ago, this rock that we live on coalesced from the dust and debris left over from the formation of our sun. Without airplanes, pizza delivery, or the Internet, things moved more slowly across the early earth than they do today.  For example, from… Read More »

5 Cricket records that are nearly impossible to break

5 Cricket records that are nearly impossible to break Cricket is a game of uncertainty. Everyday ,a new record is formed and a record is broken. But there are few records which are not easy or fairly impossible to break. These are as follows. Hope you all like it. 1. Brian lara’s 400 runs in a… Read More »

Some Famous Failures That are Inspiring

Some Famous Failures ever That are Inspirational  It is always said that nothing is impossible if we are dedicated and hard working. Some people have proved this. They have gone through failures but they remain dedicated and came up with flying colours.  So I am listing some famous failures ever.It will change your life. Have… Read More »