Roundest natural object in space measured

By | December 12, 2016



The Astronomers  have claimed that they  have discovered the roundest natural object in space ever measured – it is a  slowly rotating star which is at a distance of  5,000 light years away from the earth. Researchers succeeded in measuring the oblateness of the star Kepler 11145123 with unprecedented precision.They determined stellar using  asteroseismology  – the study of the oscillations of stars.     The variance between the equatorial and polar radii of the star is only 3 kms – a very small number compared to the star’s mean radius of 1.5 millions kms ; it suggests that the gas sphere is very much round. All stars rotate and are therefore flattened by centrifugal force. The faster the  rotation, the more oblate the star becomes. our sun rotates with a period of 27 days and has a radius at the equator that is 10 kms larger that at the poles; For the earth this variance is 21 kms. Kepler 11145123 is a hot and luminous star,is more than twice the size of the sun and rotates three times more slowly than sun.                                                                                                                                                                To the surprise,the star is even less oblate than implied by its rotation rate.The researchers and astronomers propose that the presence of a magnetic field at low latitudes could make the star look more spherical to the stellar oscillations.


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