Tricks to get good marks

By | December 13, 2016



Steps to Get Good Marks

Nowadays the life of a student is overburdened with a lot of work. Many of them don’t know how to prepare themselves for the exams and get good marks.Here are some  easy steps which can prove beneficial to them in preparing  for the exams :

  • Do not eat too much before the exam .
  • Do not stay awake for a long time, the night before the exam. Have proper sleep as it will relax your mind and makes you fresh and gives you energy.
  • Read your school books and refer to more than one book only in case you are ready with your stuffs, otherwise go through only one book.
  • Try to complete your homework due as soon as possible.
  • Your time is very vital, so don’t waste it chatting on facebook, watsapp and other social networking sites.
  • Don’t play video games etc. as it will result in wastage of ur precious time.
  • Always think positive because if u always think negative that you cant do well in exams; you will never be able to come up with flying colors.
  • Make a time table for all your daily routine work so that there is a proper maintenance of time.
  • Be disciplined as discipline is the key to success.
  • Try to solve as much as sample paper and past year exams paper.
  • You can use internet as well to understand the matter better through videos etc.
  • Try to understand the things rather than mug up the things.
  • Don’t panic too much.
  • Make sure u take everything with you that u think u will require in the examination.
  • Concentrate in the exam and relax.
  • Start solving the paper from the last questions  as the last questions carry more marks.
  • Write clearly with neat handwriting..
  • Answer the questions   whose answer u know well.
  • If you don’t know the exact answer; try to write something related to that ,it may reward some marks. It is well known that something is better than nothing.
  • Try to solve the question paper in order.
  • There is no shortcut to success. This is the first thing you should remember. For this reason, you have to make a great deal of effort.
  • Before the exam day ,if u think u r prepared enough ,it is advisable to play some outdoor games rather than playing indoor ones.
  • Don’t be over confident. If u get time, practice. It is said that Practice makes a man perfect.

Good luck for exams and hope u all will like this post.

A few blank sheets ready for been filled in a exam.





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