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Life is a wonderful gift of god. We must be thankful to god for providing us such a precious gift. But the question arises here is ,” are we all happy with our life?” This is a bit difficult  question to be answered.But I am  sure that most of the people will say “NO”, they are  not happy with their life. They will have negative perspective about life. The other reason might be the human nature of being never satisfied. The second reason is very obvious. There are generally two kinds of people; first are those who gets satisfied with small things and second are those who wants to achieve more. There is a hunger for achieving more. I prefer the second one if we desire to become successful in life. 


Businessman celebrating with trophy in hand

   The next   thing that comes into my mind is that “Do all those who desire success, achieve it?”Certainly not. For achieving success , the first thing that a person should have is ‘Hunger’ . Hunger for achieving more. If people do not have hunger, they will not be able to achieve success. So, always go for more.And if u failed in attempt to achieve success, don’t hesitate to try again and again until you achieve it. Our former president Lt. Dr. Abdul Kalam has defined ‘FAIL’ as “First Attempt In Learning”.I compare life with a cricket game . But there is some differences in this game such as there is no wickets behind you ; you are the only player;here is no Umpire in this game and you can never be given out until and unless you leave the field yourself.The bowler here is LIFE ,and the balls are the opportunities thrown to you by the life . If you miss the balls , don’t panic;be prepared for the next ; don’t lose hope.You can make up for the missed balls. So, here i want to say the u must carry on ; don’t think about what others say.Be concentrated towards your goal.

 There is not a single person born on this planet who have become successful without putting efforts and hardships. We all always look at the success of a person but don’t even try to know the hardships behind it.There is no short cuts in life to achieve success.We can take examples of the life of legends like Sachin Tendulkar,Steve Jobs , Colonel Harland Sanders(founder of KFC) and a many more extraordinary people. They have been successful because they were determined and never lost their hope.They focused on excellence.

So to get success in life , we must keep in mind the following points:

  • Always be focused towards your goals.
  • Don’t try to find short cuts.
  • Put your best efforts.
  • Don’t lose hope.
  • Try to achieve excellence.
  • Welcome the obstacles and try to turn them into opportunities.
  • Believe in yourself. 
  • Don’t let anything come in between you and your goal.



So with the words of Steve Jobs ,’Stay Foolish , stay hungry’; I conclude this post. Hope you like it.



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