Top 5 Ironies in India

By | December 19, 2016

India is our beloved country.It is also the land of ironies. Here are few ironies about us , the Indians ; Look at these:

1. Birth of a Female Child                                                                                                                               

 They worship the female goddess such as Lakshmi , Durga  etc. but when a girl is born to them, they consider her as a curse. Isn’t it irony?                    

2. Worship of rivers

We, the Indians , worship the rivers like Ganga , Yamuna etc. as a sign of purity but we are the ones who pollutes them.

3.  Gender Equality

Girls are not allowed to go out at night but boys are allowed and we talk about gender equality!wow!

4.  Shopping


We Bargain with small vendors in our locality but when we go to the mall for shopping and the same good is available at a higher price ; we don’t bargain and are pleased to purchase it.Wow!

5. Salary

 The salary of a political leader is paid in Lakhs but an army officer who works in extreme conditions by putting their lives on palm are paid in thousands. Hats off!

Hope you all like it.If you figure out any other ironies Tell us about them.

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