The Meaning of Santa which should be understood by Us

By | December 24, 2016

Real Meaning of Santa

What is Christmas  day  ?

It will be a stupid question to be asked! because it is a festival which is very much known to us. We all love to celebrate it. We all are these days very excited because of the approaching Christmas.

Let’s start with the introduction of this festival.


On this day, our beloved god, Jesus Christ was born. He is the son of the God. He was a religious leader. He taught all the mankind, the lesson of  kindness, love ,equality, sympathy, helping others and a lot more things.

On 25th December every year , this festival is celebrated all around the globe with joy. It is celebrated differently in different countries. But  the common thing is ‘Santa’ Claus . Who is a Santa?????????????           Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man—sometimes with spectacles—wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, white fur-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots and who carries a bag full of gifts for children. It is often assumed by the children that Santa will give gifts to the children who are well behaved.

But today I am going to tell you the other meaning of ‘Santa Claus’.

Santa Claus is that every person who helps the needy one. Don’t you think , god has given us a chance to show our kindness, values etc. on this auspicious day. I want all of us to come forward and become  a Santa for someone on this year’s Christmas and make it a memorable Christmas.

We can become a Santa to a poor person. We can donate clothes , eatables, blankets etc . to the people who are very poor and homeless and can’t afford to buy the things. This will serves the meaning of a real Santa. Trust me, the happiness that will be provided to you after doing this will be  incredible. It will prove to be the best Christmas you have ever celebrate. Our beloved God will b happy with this act of celebrating his birthday.

So don’t hesitate to become a Santa this year. Merry Christmas to all.

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