Top 10 New Year Resolutions That a Person can chose from

By | December 25, 2016

We all on every new year  make some resolutions. Many of us take it seriously but some people are just like dreaming with open eyes. Today , we have come up with some new year resolutions for this year.Hope you all will like.

1.  Being Social

Talk to people with your heart opened. Try to build a harmonious relationship with your colleagues, neighborers, friends and family members.

2. Quit an addiction

If you are addicted to something like drinking , smoking etc. ;  your new year resolution can be quitting these bad habits. Isn’t it a good Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Be Realistic in your resolution

Don’t take a resolution which is impossible to accomplish . Rather take some resolutions which are realistic in nature that you think you can accomplish.

4. Being Healthy

Being healthy doesn’t means going to gym only; it also means eating healthy food rather than  junk food etc. 

5. Be Disciplined

Try to be disciplined in your life as we all know  Discipline is the key to success. Be punctual and reach every where at time.

6. Help the needy people

It would be a nice idea to help the needy people as it will give inner satisfaction to you .

7. Don’t waste 

If you don’t need anything like food , medicines etc., then don’t take it rather hand it over to someone who needs it.

8. Let other know about your feelings

Don’t keep your feelings inside you….let the people know about feelings ; be it your Crush or your parents. So GO AHEAD.

9. Have a Positive approach to life

Be optimistic in life. See the better part of everything rather on the negative aspects.

10. Give Time To Your Family

Your parents and family deserve your time, so try to spend time them.

Thank you and chose your resolutions out of these.



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