Why do people get into relationship these days?

By | December 27, 2016

Do you think, today’s  relationship is all about love??????????????

It’s a question which might draw you to a deep thinking .

Relationship is a way in which two people are connected. The base for a relationship is ‘LOVE’.

We cannot deny the fact that Love has nowadays become just like a game for a large number of people. True love nowadays is an extinct term. The relationship is not about love and affection; rather it has become a reason to overcome some other problems . Here are few such things :


Money is a thing which is wrongly perceived by people that it can buy everything. But my friends always keep in my mind that “money is many thing but not everything.” Money can’t buy love and happiness.

People nowadays have become so greedy that they think being in a relationship is a good way of earning money. They just find out the rich persons and get into the relationship. The motive here is not love but money. They don’t consider the feelings of that person.

Physical intercourse

People these days gets into relationship and play with the feelings just to get sexual pleasure. For them , relationship is all about having sex. But, they need to understand that relationship is something beyond this .


Yes!  You heard the word correct… People think it’s prestigious to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend.They think the person who is in relationship would be famous among the friends.

Fear of being Bullied by the friends

One who is not in a relationship are considered a kid nowadays . So, the friends make fun of  the  friend who is not is relationship. So scared of these situations , people tend to get into relationship.


People use to get into relationship but to erase the loneliness of their life; not because of feelings.


So my friends , I just want you to get into a relationship only when you feelings that you love each other. If you truly love someone , It will make your worthy. Don’t play with someone’s feelings and sentiments. Relationship is not about getting the above things; rather it is something that makes your life worth living. Relationship means having understanding, respect for each other , infinite love and so on.

If i have skip anything  , let me know through your valuable comments.


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