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  Demonetization refers to  demonetize the currency of a country by its governing body. In other words , demonetization may be defined as losing the value of a currency as a legal tender. The main aim of demonetization is to reduce the red trap i.e corruption. Recently in India , the government led by prime minister… Read More »

Tricks to get good marks

  Steps to Get Good Marks Nowadays the life of a student is overburdened with a lot of work. Many of them don’t know how to prepare themselves for the exams and get good marks.Here are some  easy steps which can prove beneficial to them in preparing  for the exams : Do not eat too… Read More »

Roundest natural object in space measured

  The Astronomers  have claimed that they  have discovered the roundest natural object in space ever measured – it is a  slowly rotating star which is at a distance of  5,000 light years away from the earth. Researchers succeeded in measuring the oblateness of the star Kepler 11145123 with unprecedented precision.They determined stellar using  asteroseismology… Read More »

Responsibility accounting

Responsibility Accounting is a system of control by delegating and locating the responsibilty for costs.It is similar to any other system of cost such as standard costing or budgetary control but with greater emphasis towards fixing of the responsibility of the persons entrusted with the execution of specific jobs. steps targets are set. there is… Read More »