Love Story – One of a kind.

By | January 28, 2017

I am writing a love story for the first time . Hope you all will like it and please read it till the end.

There lived a girl who was very ambitious and good at studies. She wants to do something for her family. She passed her 12th and get admission into a reputed college.

Few days passed , she fell into love with a boy of same college. Their relationship goes on. The girl was very serious about the relationship but the boy was not.

Somehow their relationship completes two years. Now the boy was also feeling love for the girl.  They completed one more year together. But soon after , they just broke up. The reason is unknown to the world. 


They both gets separated.The girl cried a lot . One day when she was  browsing a social networking site. An unknown person sent her a friend request. The boy was not so good looking as her ex-boyfriend.

She accepted the request and started talking to him but she was also very much aware of the fancy world of social networking sites; hence she was very cautious. But later ,she found that the boy was a good person. He knows his family friend etc. So ,they made good friends.

After some days, the boy realized that he was in love with the girl without meeting her personally. He decided to let the girl know about his feelings.

The very next day, he proposed the girl over the same site. The girl first refused assuming that the boy was not serious but later thought that accepting the proposal would result in forgetting the past ,so she said yes.

The boy was very happy as if he got everything in his life. They started talking over the phone till late night. The boy was mad for the girl.They started meeting personally. The girl also fell in love. The boy was having a bright career ahead.they both were a happy couple. Everything was going well for them. 

Suddenly one day, the boy found changes in the behavior of the girl. She didn’t respond to the messages regularly as before. The boy get depressed of it. One day,he called her and asked the reason. The girl was saying that everything is fine but when the boy forced her to tell the truth , she said that his past has come back and apologized for breaking up and she was in dilemma whom to chose. 

The boy want her happiness ,so  he asked her with whom she will be more happy but she refused to answer .The boy knew that she love her ex boyfriend more than him. So , he asked her to go back to her ex boyfriend’s life. She accepted it knowing that the boy will not be able to live without her.

Now the girl was happy with her ex. But the boy was feeling depressed. He cried late night. For him, his entire world has lost. He could not sleep and eat properly in the memory of her. As a result, he got caused to many diseases. He had still hopes of her coming back but she didn’t. 

One day morning, the boy was found dead on his bed. That ends the love story here but leaving a lot of questions behind……………

  • Shouldn’t the boy make a fresh start of his life after the girl left him???????????
  • Is it right for  the girl to left the guy for a guy who has left her earlier????????????
  • Is the end of the story justified????????                                                                                      

So , Hope you all liked it and put up your views here. Thank you . 

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