top 9 unbelievable things that happens only in Indian

By | February 17, 2017

Today , I have come up with some interesting and unbelievable facts about our country. Some of these facts may be shameful for us but these are true. Let’s start .

1. when we see a person meeting an accident 

We don’t go forward to help that person. You know why?? Because that person is nobody to us and secondly we are very busy and who wants to get questioned by the cops. So , It is always good to stay apart from such things. But we don’t think about that person, he may be someone’s son ,daughter,or father etc. We become so selfish.

2. When we see people fighting

When we see people around us fighting with each other or any mis-happening ,we start making videos of those acts but don’t try to stop them.

3. Our thinking on Women Empowerment

we talk about women empowerment in public and show our support for it but in reality we have problems with the girl’s dresses  too. In a country where girls are not allowed to wear clothes of their choice, Is the women empowerment word justified here??????????

4. Welfare of the society

We all want society’s welfare but are not willing to do anything by our own, instead , we leave it on our governing authorities thinking that it’s their duty.

5. Love in public

Pee in public places is allowed in our country but kissing in public is a serious crime. Isn’t is funny?

6. During the power failure

In our country,when there is power failure; we don’t call the power stations,instead we first come out of our house and look for neighbourers’ power supply.

7. Judgement of an economic Status 

A person’s economic condition is judged by his /her dress.. and his appearance. 

8. Qualification of a person

A person is consider knowledgeable only if he/ she knows the language ‘English’. If he has a good command over the national language ,he is of no use. Isn’t it irony?

9. Bollywood Movies

In our country,the movie with superstar actors proves to be a Super-hit irrespective of the quality of the story and acting. The movies which have good stories and acting but lacks a superstar actor would flop. It proves that we don’t deserve  a good movie.

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