5 things around us which teaches us real life lessons

By | February 21, 2017

As we all know ,we need  motivation in life to do anything. If we are not motivated ,we don’t perform well. We don’t desire much and are not able to achieve the excellence. 

Today, we have come up with few things that also provides teaches us a lesson in some respect ad motivates us in life. 

1.The Sun

The sun is one of the biggest motivator for us. It teaches us the lesson of discipline and punctuality. It rises from the east and sets in the west daily. It motivates us to do hard work daily because if we are  aiming for a goal;we need to be consistent.

2. Day and Night 

Day and night teaches us the lesson of never being dishearten and being afraid of the difficult situations. As after every dark night, the bright morning come. So,we must not lose hope if we fail , we must be optimistic enough keeping in mind that the difficult time will pass by soon and a bright day is waiting for us in the future.

3. An Ant

A small ant also teaches us a lot of things. We might have seen an ant picking up a thing heavier than their weight. Do this suggest something? It depicts the fact that nothing is impossible if you are determined and focused about your goal . We must take rest until the work in hand get completed.


Flowers motivates us to be happy whatever the situation is. A happy person can easily achieve the goals, so we should learn to smile in adverse situation as well.

5. Tree

A tree teaches us to be courteous and polite to everyone. When a tree got fruits ,it bends towards the earth so that everyone can use the fruits. It shows that when we become successful, we must not become haughty ; instead we must be  courteous to others.

Hope you all like the post. Thank you.

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