How to know the difference between a crush and true love

By | February 27, 2017
How to Know the Difference between True Love and a Passing Crush. When you are swept away by your emotions, it can be difficult to know the difference between true love and a passing crush. Here are some landmarks to steer you straight. You will need Relationship and reflection.
Step 1. Look at recurrent patterns in the relationship. Is it characterized by drama,conflict, and bouts of infidelity? Are you concerned about how two of you appear to others as a couple ? Do you need your partner to measure up to standards that aren’t their own? If so, you’ve got a crush.
Step 2. Pay attention to whether the relationship leaves you with fears of being abandoned, or terrified by your vulnerabilities. If so, it’s not the real thing.
Step 3. Be realistic. Do you over idealize your lover? Finding them to be completely flawless? Do you have think about spending  your whole life together even though you’ve just met? Does while being together gives you a strong emotional and sentimental  kick? If so, you’ve almost certainly got a crush not true love.
Step 4. Ask yourself whether the relationship is rooted in sensuality, sex, taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. If so, it can be short-term.
But,it doesn’t mean that it can’t turn into true love, though.
Step 5. Know that long-term relationships may begin with some or the same characteristics as short-term ones. But for a crush to be turn into true love, the emotional explosions must transition into friendship, and sexual attraction must become an adjunct to the total relationship, not the basis for it. Plato argued that true love endures over space and time — for example, when two people are not together for a while.
Step 6. Give thought to how committed you are to the relationship. Do the relationship has a long history? Are you willing and ready to forgive your partner’s faults? These are the characteristics of true love.
Step 7. Ask yourself whether you have an enduring concern for the well-being of your partner.Were you there when they need you? Are they there when you need them? If so, it’s love.
So analyse yourself and find whether you have love or crush. Thank you

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