10 Things that men secretly love about women

By | March 4, 2017
In the spirit of romance, I decided to list ten things that men secretly love about women.
The first one today is the smell and hold on this is not weird that makes every man knows the feeling of falling by a woman in a few seconds later just feeling discussion of the most perfect smell all up in his nostrils especially the smell around the neck and most of all it’s a trick you can use to get a men’s interest without telling it right away.
9.Listen To Other Peoples’ Opinions
That’s it’s definitely very cool to see a woman who can listen to other people’s opinions or criticism bottom given his respectful of course. It shows that you are very mature, rational and have confidence in your own value and are not worried that you’re going to be worth any less because of it. In fact it’s very attractive to see woman who can listen to critic and use it to improve yourself. 
8. The Jealous Crap
 The best part about it is  a surprise factor for some reason. It feels good to be talking to another woman for example and fill our girlfriend gently grabbing us because she’s jealous but she’s too shy to say it. I think it’s  endearing.
7. A Strong Drive Ladies
A strong drive ladies, you might not even notice it but whenever you see a woman with sort of what you want to accomplish, it’s actually very positive. However you should be careful even though we like that you have a strong drive. We don’t like that to ignore everything and everyone else around you and push them to second place. It’s great to see a woman who can have a strong drive and is still aware in cash for everything around her
6. Clumsiness
yes everyone has to admit its enduring see a woman being clumsy. I don’t even know why really it’s just cute. 
5.  Not Being Afraid to get Messy
 This can be doing sports playing house working on a garden or fixing cars the important thing is that she’s not afraid to get messy doing her own thing it’s sure that we like feminine women but to see a woman with different sites to her that she’s willing to do what you need to without worrying too much about how she looks is definitely positive. I dare say even that it’s kinda hot.
4. Wearing men’s clothes
Everybody knows this when women use our shirts you know something is drawing your brains when you see women doing something so strange as wearing your clothes and it’s still like that but for some reason we do. It can be a shirt jacket sweatshirt whatever if it’s a few sizes bigger than her it looks awesome even better if the short is just big enough to look like a dress that is if you really want to surprise man, let him see you cooking something wearing nothing but it’s shirt without nothing underneath trust me the man will come to you.
3. Blushing

This should come as no surprise. I mean who doesn’t like to see their partner blush it’s one of the most adorable things you can do especially if it happens after a compliment or after saying something romantic even better than that is when you’re trying not to blush and it still comes out it’s a cuteness overload.
2. Stretch Marks
 Yes this one had to be here first of all if you have stretch marks it means you have curves and that’s awesome second of all you’ll never find two women with the same stretch marks they’re always different and it’s great that you can be original a woman different from most guys when you’re just laying down take your time to explore your woman’s body and look at her marks in all the things that make her unique Lord and even she knows about herself.
1. Messy Hair
On this list is the messy hair when women wake up ladies ,you might not notice it might even think you have to look impeccable all the time. As a matter of fact the best part about sleeping with someone you like is that moment the next morning when you wake up and see the woman lying next to you waking up with her hair completely natural and while in a way you’re seeing the real side of her ,the one she would never show you one purpose .
Hope you like the post. 

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