5 Cricket records that are nearly impossible to break

By | March 10, 2017

5 Cricket records that are nearly impossible to break

Cricket is a game of uncertainty. Everyday ,a new record is formed and a record is broken. But there are few records which are not easy or fairly impossible to break. These are as follows. Hope you all like it.

1. Brian lara’s 400 runs in a single inning 

The big man from West Indies is one of the greatest batsmen ever in the history of cricket. His score of 400  not out against England at Antgua in 2004 is still a world record and it is almost impossible for a batsman to break the record.

2. Muralitharan’s test wickets

 Former Sri Lankan Bowler is till date the most successful bowler in both Test and ODI format of the game. His tally of 800 test wickets  is nearly an unbreakable record. He is also the highest wicket taker in ODIs with a tally of 534 wickets.

3. Jim Laker’s  19 wicket in one test match

Jim Laker of England took 19 wickets in a match of  Ashes in  1956. He took 9 for 37 and 10 for 53 in both the innings respectively. This record is surely impossible to break by any bowler.

4. Sachin’s 100 centuries

There is hardly any record which is not in the name of this Former Indian Batsman. Popularly known as “God of Cricket” has hit a sum of 100 international centuries.It is quite difficult of impossible for a batsmen to reach there.

5. Sir Don Bradman’s Batting Average

We can call him the Best Test Batsman  ever in the history of Cricket. He had scored 6996 runs in 52 test matches that he played at an astonishing average of 99.94with 29 centuries. His record average is fairly impossible for a batsman to break.

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