How correct is it to offer milk to Snakes??

By | March 21, 2017

How correct is it to offer milk to Snakes??

We Indians believe Snakes to be a sacred reptile. They are worshiped in our country. On Nag Panchami , we offer them with milk and banana to eat and pray to them for our well being and it is assumed to be a great work. But Today, I  am going to tell you something related to this fact which will definitely force you to think twice before you feed them with milk.

1. A major  difference between a reptile and a mammal is that the mammal has mammary glands which produces milk but the reptiles do not have. 

2. This simply means that they don’t drink milk from their birth.

3. They are not capable of digesting the milk that they drink .

4. Snakes just drink it when they are suffering from dehydration.

5. So, if they are not capable of digesting milk, then there is no point in offering them milk.

6. Because it lead to their death.

7. If snakes drink milk ,they will die.

8. So , next time when you are thinking about offering milk to them ,think twice whether it is right.

9. Avoid offering milk to snakes.

Thank you. Hope you find the information interesting.

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