A Biography of a film star worth inspiring

By | April 2, 2017

A Biography of a film star worth inspiring

A superstar, who started as a coolie earned his living as a bus conductor.Rose to stardom, and then…rose to super stardom. A legend. Shivajirao Gaikwad or Superstar Rajikant. Mind it.

Born on 12th December, 1950 in Bengaluru. Mother Jijabai and father Ramojirao Gaikwad who was a police constable.His parents named him Shivajirao Gaikwad.
Rajnikanth had a tough childhood. He was just nine when his mother passed away.This blow disturbed the entire family.And young Shivajirao had to do various odd jobs like being a coolie.And by 1973, he became a bus conductor in Bangalore Transport Service. 
Gradually he started to participate in Mythological plays. Kannada play writer and director Topi Muniyappa gave him this chance. Shivajirao’s most noted performance was of Duryodhan. This was the time when his fortune changed. His friend and co-star Raj Bahadur encouraged him to join Madras Film Institute. He also supported him financially. And renowned director K. Balachander happened to see one of Shivaji’s stage performance.He was extremely impressed. And advised young Shivaji to speak Tamil which proved to be a great success for him. 
In 1975, Rajnikanth was casted by K. Balachander for the Tamil film ‘Apoorva Rajangal’. He had a small role in this, and Kamal Hasaan had a meaty role. He did negative roles for couple of years. For films like ‘Awargal’ and ‘Modum Moduchi’ .  
1978 proved to be a turning point in Rajnikanthh’s life.This year film ‘Bharavi’ was released. It was Rajni sir’s  first Tamil film as a hero. Same period saw movies like ‘Nolum Malarum’ and ‘Awal Apadhitav’. After receiving critical acclaim for this,he made his debut in Malayalam film. ‘Alaudin Albuta Bilakhun.’He did share screen space with NT Ramarao in his 50th film ‘Tiger’. 
By the 1980’s he became a very popular actor.And then he took a decision, which came as a shock for the industry and his fans. He decided to quit acting But then, he was convinced to come back And he did with the film ‘Billa’ which was the remake of the Hindi film ‘Don’. Turned out as his first successful film. He was paired with Sridevi in Johnny where again, he played a double role. 
1983 saw a transition, from South to North. This was the year when he made his entry in Hindi films with ‘Andha Kanoon’ along with Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan. This film was appreciated at the box office. And, in 1991 he was again seen in the multi-starrer ‘Hum’ where he played the role of a policeman.
Rajni sir’s style, expression and dancing abilities makes him a complete star.He has always been open to work with other stars. Like Mamooty, Kamal Hasaan, Amitabh Bachchan and with Aamir Khan, he acted in ‘Aatank Hi Aatank’. 
His collaboration with Suresh Krishna for ‘Basha’ created history. Rajnikanthh stared in ‘Baba’ in 2002.This film was written by him and, it did not meet the expectations at the box-office. And people associated with this faced heavy financial losses.Rajnikanthh himself repaid the losses incurred by the distributers.
After this low, Rajnikanthh reached a new height with the film ‘Chandramukhi’. 2011 turned out to be a difficult year for Rajnikanthh. He faced a medical complication and there were rumors about his health. But later, son-in-law Dhanush and daughter Aishwarya Rajnikanthh clarified everything.
If you look at the personal life of Rajni Sir
He married Lata Rangachari on 26th Feb, 1981. At the age of 31, in Tirupathi Andhra Pradesh.”No one knows who’ll get his hands on it.” “Every morsel has its own fate”. He got two daughter, Aishwarya and Saundarya.
   And if you look at the list of awards that he has received. It is endless. He is the most popular star. He’s considered to be the demigod of Cinema. Superstar Rajnikanthh is a legend forever.

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