Can love happen for the second time – a love story

By | April 15, 2017
  • Can love happen for the second time – a love story

Hey all. How are you all? Today I am going to write a love story. Hope you all like it.

Hope the story will depict the true meaning of love and give a good message. Let’s start .

There lived a boy from middle class family.He was very good at studies. He had a bright career ahead. He has everything in his life except a person who can understand him and love him. His parents were busy in their life and as a result, he was deprived of love. He lived in isolation.

One day , when he went to his new school,he saw a girl and fall in love with her. She was his classmate. They become good friends, even very close friends. They had their lunch together.Everything was going good for him. He was very happy and decided to tell the girl about his feelings.On one fine evening, he called her at a park and told her his feelings but the girl refused saying that he doesn’t deserve to be her boyfriend. But the boy thought that he must wait for the girl to come back in his life. He decided to not let anyone else come in his life. He again started to live in solitary.

Years went by but she never came back in his life. She forgot him. He started to think that he couldn’t have love in his life.

Few more years passed. He got himself busy on social networking sites. Then, one day ,he met a girl on it. He started talking to her. They started talking till late night. They share everything with each other. Then one day, he realized  that he started liking her but feared of losing her if he tell her about it. He decided to tell her and told her that he like her but on  this ,the girl get furious assuming that the boy is not a good person. She thought that it could be his habit of talking and flirting to the girls. She didn’t talk to him for about a week.

  1. One day , when she was active on the social site, she went through the boy’s profile and thought that she should talk to the boy as he was looking a good guy to her. She messaged her and to this ,the boy became very happy. They continued talking to each other. Now the girl too felt attracted to the boy. If they don’t talk to each other a single day, they both started feeling incomplete. They decided to meet and go for a movie.

The next day, they meet in a mall and went for a movie. The boy was very shy to talk to the girl. They didn’t talk to each other much that day. After that they continued meeting and felt in love with each other.They both love each other with their heart out. It was a great example of true love. Days after days went by and their bond become more stronger.

After few years,they decided to marry each other.Their parents agreed to this. On an good day ,they married and lived happily thereafter.

This story depicts a very good message to all of us that Love can happen second time as well. It is not true that love happen for only once. We must wait for the right time. So be patient and don’t be dishearten by the love failure.

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