An open letter to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

By | June 19, 2017

This is an open letter written to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

So, you have increased the fair up to 60%. I think you might have taken this decision because of the following reasons.

1. People are not boarding the metro which results in lack of revenues.

2. The metro trains are always empty on every route.

3. Everyone is getting seats and no one has to travel standing.    

4. You are providing world class services to commuters.  

             But are these points valid? Just think once.

 May be, you think that all people who board metro trains are from good earning family. But Is it true?

 In reality, there are many people who belongs to a poor family who rather board the train to reach the place of work or they go to the schools or colleges. Think once, How severely the changes in the ticket price have affected their lives.

I am not saying that you should not increase the prices of tickets but is a hike of this much justified?? You could have planned something for the students atleast.

Let’s take an instance of a girl named Neha who lives in Noida. Her college is in Dwarka. She is from a very lower income family. Her father is a small shopkeeper who wants his daughter to achieve success in life. Her daily fare for the metro was only Rs. 60 before the hike which has now raised to Rs.100. So, think how much this hike would have affected her family’s budget.

I suggest you to take care of all the things I said. Thankyou.

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