The true Meaning of Independence

By | August 15, 2017

Hello everyone.  First of all,Happy Independence day to all of you.

Today, we are celebrating the 70th Independence day .We all are celebrating it with lots of joy. But the question arises here is that are we really independent????  Do the meaning of independence is only to get freedom from Britishers in the year 1947???

My perspective is different on this note. For me, the true meaning of independence is not restricted to the freedom from Britishers in 1947 but it is something beyond this. Independence from all the following things will truly depicts the exact and true meaning of Independence.

1. Crimes against women

The crimes against women are increasing day by day. They are not given the freedom to work outside and go out at night due to the fear of crimes. But is this justified ??? Why they have to suffer due to the fear from such inhumans culprits. We have to change our perspective and thinking related to this and should give our daughters, mothers, wives the confidence that we are with them to fight against such crimes and criminals.

2. Patriarchal society

We are living in a society which is dominated by men. But think once ,is this kind of society a good place to live where equality is not there?? Tell me any one field where women are behind men??? I know you can’t answer this question because girls are no way behind the boys…They deserve the equality as they are a very important part of the society. Without them, we are nothing.

3. Religion Wars

We are Hindu…. We are Muslims …..We are Christians….Great words ….but i don’t know why I hate these words.. He is muslim ,definitely he is a terrorist. He is hindu so a enemy for the muslims.. What are these statement stands for? We don’t have any right to judge someone. Why can’t we say that we are Indians instead of saying hindu, muslims etc. We are living in the same country. We are all part of it. Then why so much hatred and anger for different communities. We all are same and Indians .

4. Dirty Politics

The politics are not healthy nowadays. They think of their own benefits instead of social welfare. Whenever a good decision is taken by the ruling party, instead of praising , the opposition parties starts trying their best to prove that it’s a bad decision. WoW

5. Garbage around us

Its been 70 years since we got freedom but dirt is something very common around us. If we are to become a prosperous country, we must focus on cleanliness. We must work for a clean India. 

Just think about these things. Thank you. Jai Hind.


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