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A Biography of a film star worth inspiring

A Biography of a film star worth inspiring A superstar, who started as a coolie earned his living as a bus conductor.Rose to stardom, and then…rose to super stardom. A legend. Shivajirao Gaikwad or Superstar Rajikant. Mind it. Born on 12th December, 1950 in Bengaluru. Mother Jijabai and father Ramojirao Gaikwad who was a police constable.His parents named him Shivajirao… Read More »

Tricks to get good marks

  Steps to Get Good Marks Nowadays the life of a student is overburdened with a lot of work. Many of them don’t know how to prepare themselves for the exams and get good marks.Here are some  easy steps which can prove beneficial to them in preparing  for the exams : Do not eat too… Read More »

Responsibility accounting

Responsibility Accounting is a system of control by delegating and locating the responsibilty for costs.It is similar to any other system of cost such as standard costing or budgetary control but with greater emphasis towards fixing of the responsibility of the persons entrusted with the execution of specific jobs. steps targets are set. there is… Read More »