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A Biography of a film star worth inspiring

A Biography of a film star worth inspiring A superstar, who started as a coolie earned his living as a bus conductor.Rose to stardom, and then…rose to super stardom. A legend. Shivajirao Gaikwad or Superstar Rajikant. Mind it. Born on 12th December, 1950 in Bengaluru. Mother Jijabai and father Ramojirao Gaikwad who was a police constable.His parents named him Shivajirao… Read More »

Some Famous Failures That are Inspiring

Some Famous Failures ever That are Inspirational  It is always said that nothing is impossible if we are dedicated and hard working. Some people have proved this. They have gone through failures but they remain dedicated and came up with flying colours.  So I am listing some famous failures ever.It will change your life. Have… Read More »

Why do people get into relationship these days?

Do you think, today’s  relationship is all about love?????????????? It’s a question which might draw you to a deep thinking . Relationship is a way in which two people are connected. The base for a relationship is ‘LOVE’. We cannot deny the fact that Love has nowadays become just like a game for a large… Read More »