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10 Lies you were told about Space

We have been taught a lot of facts about the space but how much those facts were correct.Today I have come up with some myths which are not true. 10) Myth: You can’t travel through an asteroid belt. Reality: Although our asteroid belt is filled with trillions of asteroids and minor planets, these are spaced incredibly… Read More »

top 9 unbelievable things that happens only in Indian

Today , I have come up with some interesting and unbelievable facts about our country. Some of these facts may be shameful for us but these are true. Let’s start . 1. when we see a person meeting an accident  We don’t go forward to help that person. You know why?? Because that person is… Read More »


1. Rishabh Pant Indian batman who plays for Delhi in ranji , is a great talent.He is a left handed wicketkeeper batsman. He is not a very technically sound  batsman but his hand eye coordination is superb. He marked his presence in the U-19 world cup last year. He then proved himself in the Ranji… Read More »