Top 10 Weird Wonders Of The World

Today we have come up with some weird wonders of the world. These are really wonderful and unbelievable. so let’s start.  10. THOR’S WELL   Thor’s Well is an awe-inspiring natural structure, which is located on the Oregon coast.It is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Underworld’, because of its epic, almost mythological appearance.  … Read More »

How to know the difference between a crush and true love

How to Know the Difference between True Love and a Passing Crush. When you are swept away by your emotions, it can be difficult to know the difference between true love and a passing crush. Here are some landmarks to steer you straight. You will need Relationship and reflection.     Step 1. Look at recurrent patterns… Read More »

10 Lies you were told about Space

We have been taught a lot of facts about the space but how much those facts were correct.Today I have come up with some myths which are not true. 10) Myth: You can’t travel through an asteroid belt. Reality: Although our asteroid belt is filled with trillions of asteroids and minor planets, these are spaced incredibly… Read More »

10 amazing facts about the human body

Today , I have come up with some amazing facts about our body which are unknown to us.   1. Our Brain The human brain is about 100 billion neurons.Each neurons fires on average about 200 times per second and each neuron connects to about one thousand other neurons.So every time a neuron fires a… Read More »

5 things around us which teaches us real life lessons

As we all know ,we need  motivation in life to do anything. If we are not motivated ,we don’t perform well. We don’t desire much and are not able to achieve the excellence.  Today, we have come up with few things that also provides teaches us a lesson in some respect ad motivates us in… Read More »

top 9 unbelievable things that happens only in Indian

Today , I have come up with some interesting and unbelievable facts about our country. Some of these facts may be shameful for us but these are true. Let’s start . 1. when we see a person meeting an accident  We don’t go forward to help that person. You know why?? Because that person is… Read More »


1. Rishabh Pant Indian batman who plays for Delhi in ranji , is a great talent.He is a left handed wicketkeeper batsman. He is not a very technically sound  batsman but his hand eye coordination is superb. He marked his presence in the U-19 world cup last year. He then proved himself in the Ranji… Read More »

Love Story – One of a kind.

I am writing a love story for the first time . Hope you all will like it and please read it till the end. There lived a girl who was very ambitious and good at studies. She wants to do something for her family. She passed her 12th and get admission into a reputed college.… Read More »


IS ANYTHING LIKE GOD PRESENT IN THE UNIVERSE It is an obvious question which revolves in the minds of number of people around the globe. Mostly people believe that Yes anything is present in this universe as ‘God’ . Here I m going to present some facts which proves the presence of god . 1. Why… Read More »

Top 10 Life changing awesome quotes

 Top 10 Life changing awesome quotes quotes Here we have come up with some life changing quotes .These  quotes are given by some inspiring people. Hope you will like these quotes. 1. The secret of getting ahead is getting  started.                                  … Read More »