Top 10 Life changing awesome quotes

 Top 10 Life changing awesome quotes quotes Here we have come up with some life changing quotes .These  quotes are given by some inspiring people. Hope you will like these quotes. 1. The secret of getting ahead is getting  started.                                  … Read More »

Why do people get into relationship these days?

Do you think, today’s  relationship is all about love?????????????? It’s a question which might draw you to a deep thinking . Relationship is a way in which two people are connected. The base for a relationship is ‘LOVE’. We cannot deny the fact that Love has nowadays become just like a game for a large… Read More »

Top 10 New Year Resolutions That a Person can chose from

We all on every new year  make some resolutions. Many of us take it seriously but some people are just like dreaming with open eyes. Today , we have come up with some new year resolutions for this year.Hope you all will like. 1.  Being Social Talk to people with your heart opened. Try to… Read More »

The Meaning of Santa which should be understood by Us

Real Meaning of Santa What is Christmas  day  ? It will be a stupid question to be asked! because it is a festival which is very much known to us. We all love to celebrate it. We all are these days very excited because of the approaching Christmas. Let’s start with the introduction of this festival.… Read More »

Top 10 Unsolved mysteries of the world

Here are the top 10 mysteries of the world which are unsolved. 10. Voynich Manuscript The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system. It would have written in early 15th century (1404–1438) and it may have been composed in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance. This manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich,… Read More »


There are a lot of problems that are faced by the females in India. Some of them are listed below. 1. Dress The size of dress determines the character of a girl.If her dress is short , this means she possesses a bad character. Wow! incredible India. 2.Remuneration In India, how good you are at work… Read More »

Top 5 Ironies in India

India is our beloved country.It is also the land of ironies. Here are few ironies about us , the Indians ; Look at these: 1. Birth of a Female Child                                                  … Read More »


There were many great batsmen in the history of game of cricket. We have come up with the modern greats who are considered to be the best batsmen of this game.  1. KANE WILLIAMSON   The New Zealand batsmen is one of the  greatest batsmen of modern cricket. He has shown skills in  all formats… Read More »