Digital marketing Services

To suggest these tips, we surveyed around five hundreds of online businesses. At the same time, these are time tested suggestions. Our company’s moto is to empower new entrepreneurs for their online marketplace performance

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps you to promote your business  fast if it is done right. It is cost effective and at the same time you can target your audience on the behalf of Age, gender, location so it is easy to sell on social media to targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization

As we know more and more people are searching stuff online and if we make our presence in a right way then it will not only lead to you a more traffic in your website also, there is specific, measurable. People are searching products directly related to your business or loosely related to it. All these things make even more opportunities to connect with your related customers and make them understand, solve their problems, and lastly become there trusted partner. So all these represent you must need SEO for your website or business.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a cost-effective way of reaching your target audience and to drive traffic to your website. SEM also helps businesses to develop brand awareness among your target audience and to convert them as buyers to drive profit.

Social Media Marketing

Rs. 10,000/month

  • 30 Graphical Posts
  • Social media page handling
  • Social ads worth 4 k

Search Engine Marketing

Rs. 30,000/month

  • Rs. 24,000 worth of ads
  • Rs.6,000 commission
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Creatives included

Everything is marketing

With Digital Marketing you can grow any business anywhere. 

Website Maintenance Service

Rs. 13,999/month

  • Database Optimization
  • Scan webSite and resolve any malicious file issue
  • Check Website Load Time
  • Check all inquiry form is working
  • Full Site Backup
  • Minor changes & improvement
  • Fixing CSS Coding
  • Update Content
  • Bugs And error removal
  • 404 Error Fixing